Hey friend, thanks for choosing to support Team Rubicon with some sweet TR gear!

  • "Hey you jabroni, something is screwed up with my order. Who do I talk to?"
    • Sorry about that! Email us at store@teamrubiconusa.org with your order number and we'll get it figured out. 
  • "I need to return my order. What do I do?"
    • Bummer! Please send your order to the address below, and shoot us an email to store@teamrubiconusa.org to let us know it's coming. We can exchange or refund your order as needed. 
  • "I don't live in 'Merica. Can I still get some TR swag?"
    • Yes you can. Send us an email at store@teamrubiconusa.org with the items and sizes you'd like and we'll get shipping figured out for you.
  • "I want one of those badass grey TR shirts. Where are those?"
    • Not for sale, buddy! You've got to be a bonafide Team Rubicon member to earn that grey shirt. But don't worry, we want you on the Team.
      Time to sign up.
  • "I've got a kickass idea for a product. You gotta hear this!"
    • Yes! Let's make it happen. Email your sketches and brainstorms to store@teamrubiconusa.org

Still got more questions? Rock on. Email us store@teamrubiconusa.org and we'll do our best to take of you.