Team Rubicon x Victor Axe 13" Half Hatchet

Sold out.

This 13" half hatchet is the perfect tool for your off-grid adventures. Between splitting kindling, knocking stubborn nails back into place, or fighting off black bears (we totally do not recommend this), this has you covered. 

  • Forged in the USA and profiled, sharpened, and finished in the Midwest
  • Forged Half Hatchet head pattern with octagonal hammer face, sharpened and polished to perfection. 
  • 100% Hickory handle with TR Red paint and all-weather polyurethane topcoat. Exposed wood is treated with pure Linseed oil. 
  • 3.5" Hand honed cutting edge
  • Handmade, premium leather holster style head cover to carry her right on your hip. 

Built in collaboration with our friends at Victor Axe and Tool.

Note: logo placement on hatchet is early rendering; size and placement may shift on actual product.